NCover 4 is here!


Today we’re announcing that NCover 4 is available for everyone!

We’ve made a lot of changes and upgrades to the NCover toolset, but there are a few themes to this release that we’d like to highlight.

NCover 4 is Easier to Set Up

  • Collect coverage on Windows Services, IIS, or clusters of processes “flying in formation” easily.
  • Transparently collect coverage 64-bit or 32-bit processes, without specifying which “bitness” is in use. Even collect coverage on multiple 64 and 32 bit processes that are running in the same “formation.”
  • NCover includes Visual Studio plugins, so that coverage data can be collected and explored directly in your development environment.

NCover 4 is Faster

  • We’ve spent a lot of time on the technical underpinnings of the coverage process and now NCover 4 uses an order of magnitude less memory to collect coverage than it has in the past.
  • NCover 4 continues to be faster with less overhead than any other coverage tool on the market. We have had beta customers testing NCover 4 with production projects that have more than 300 assemblies loaded into memory at a time. There’s no other tool that can promise this level of industrial strength coverage.

NCover 4 is for Teams

  • With NCover 4 we are introducing a new product called Code Central. Code Central is a web application that runs on a centralized server and collects data from NCover instances anywhere. You can use NCover Desktop or NCover Collector to collect coverage while your program is running and stream the data in real-time up to the Code Central server for instant access by your team.

NCover 4 is great for QA Testing

  • NCover has always been a tool that QA teams could use to collect coverage when doing manual or acceptance testing, but with the release of NCover 4, we’ve made it work much better for QA teams. With Code Central to collect data in a central location, and NCover Collector to grab coverage data with a minimal footprint, NCover is ideally suited for teams that want to measure the coverage that scripted or manual testing provides.
  • In addition, NCover 4 enables you to merge collection runs from manual and automated testing, so you can see a unified view of all of the types of coverage your code is getting and which types of testing are providing that coverage.

NCover now comes in three editions.

  • Code Central is a centralized data repository that shows statistics and code for all your projects. As coverage data is collected over time, Code Central will slice and dice that data, show trends and allow you to easily share that data among your entire team. Testing and measurement is a team activity and with Code Central you now have the tools to spread that information far and wide across your team.
  • NCover Desktop is the updated version of the NCover that you’ve used before. NCover Desktop integrates with Visual Studio on the desktop, collects and reports on coverage locally, with trending and analysis on your desktop. NCover Desktop is the best choice for developer desktops.
  • NCover Collector is a companion tool to Code Central. It collects the same code coverage data that NCover Desktop does, but it ships the data directly to Code Central. It’s intended to be used in unattended scenarios, such as quality assurance desktops or build server environments.

Find out more

  • We are hosting a launch webinar on July 5th at 1:00PM EDT to demonstrate the new capabilities of NCover and to answer your questions. Sign up for the webinar here!
All of these products are available for download and purchase. You can request a free trial of NCover Desktop or Code Central.