Integrating NCover Pre-Instrumentation Into Your Build Process


Pre-Instrumentation for Continuous Integration In a recent post describing NCover Pre-Instrumentation, we introduced you to coverage collection without an in-memory profiler. The specific use cases and advantages are well-detailed in that post. Now that this tool is in the arsenal, the next question we’ll…   Continue Reading

.NET Developers Making Great Products


It is the beginning of 2015 and we are all busy making resolutions on how to improve into the new year. We thought it was a great time to look at two .NET developers who are continually resolving to make better products. Jorge Serrano…   Continue Reading

NCover Pre-Instrumentation


Introducing NCover Pre-Instrumentation Version 5 of NCover introduces a pre-instrumentation option for collecting coverage data. Pre-instrumentation is a well-established paradigm used by many types of profilers and involves the insertion of coverage collection code into the assemblies of an application on-disk rather, than dynamically…   Continue Reading

Developers Going Beyond .NET


.NET often times is the start to our interest in greater software and development challenges. These two .NET programmers showcase just how diverse that journey can be. Mayur Tendulkar Mayur Tendulkar works as a Developer Evangelist for Xamarin, spreading love for devices and mobility….   Continue Reading

Sharing Code Coverage Results With NCover Code Central


One of the keys to successful team-based code coverage, is making sure that code coverage results are transparent and actively shared across the entire team. Organizations that share results team-wide are able to encourage rapid feedback and are generally more effective in guiding the future allocation of resources…   Continue Reading

.NET Developers Who Keep Learning


We sometimes forget that IT as we know it changes dramatically every few months. We wanted to pause and give a special shout-out to these two .NET veterans who have been in the field with a combined 50 years of experience. They have been…   Continue Reading

Condition Coverage


One of the new features in the latest release of NCover is Condition Coverage. It is the result of both customer requests and our desire to provide a deeper understanding of how thoroughly code has been tested.  Condition Coverage is also great tool for…   Continue Reading

.NET Pioneers


We love the brave .NET pioneers out there that have taken the first steps towards something new and amazing. Ranging from a new language, tool or building a community, these two .NET programmers aren’t scared to try explore and discover wonderful new things. Chris…   Continue Reading