.NET Developers Keeping Us Covered


We spend most of our working hours trying to help .NET developers keep their code covered.  We love all of the great .NET developers who spend most of their days covering this world with awesome .NET applications.  Keep covered Luigi and Henning and code…   Continue Reading

4 Keys To Successful Team-Based Code Coverage


More and more teams are focusing on the quality of their code. The reasons are pretty obvious. Most everyone has heard the old Benjamin Franklin adage that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” It is particularly relevant today, especially in software development….   Continue Reading

The Perfect Code Coverage Score


You manage what you measure – but what if you are looking at the wrong thing? The metrics we define influence our process and end result. For example, trying to gauge your speed by the sound of your radio would lead to noise dampening…   Continue Reading

Developers As Diverse As Their Code


Great developers are as diverse as their code and the languages they develop in.  We salute great developers of all languages and all of the great languages they develop in.  Of course, at NCover, we are just a little partial towards .NET. Brian A. Randell…   Continue Reading

Case Study: Google’s Team Approach to Coverage


We spend our days (and nights and really anytime we have) developing quality and beautiful .NET applications. We pour over our code, testing and coverage to make sure it is good. Some of us do that on our own while others are part of…   Continue Reading

Code Coverage Metrics That Matter


The first rule of code coverage is that not all code coverage metrics are created equal.  In this webinar we discuss three key code coverage metrics that matter: branch coverage, sequence point coverage and the change-risk anti patterns score.  In addition, we cover how all three…   Continue Reading

.NET Developers To Follow


We appreciate that the .NET developers of our community are as multifaceted as the tools we use to write great code.  In particular, we salute all those who are driven to make the applications they deliver to the world and the community we collectively…   Continue Reading

Code Coverage And Your .NET Team


Incorporating code coverage as an integral part of your .NET development process is not as simple as evaluating code coverage tools and picking one.  Although it is critical to ensure that the code coverage solution tool you select can generate an unified coverage number across your team,…   Continue Reading