Case Study: Google’s Team Approach to Coverage


We spend our days (and nights and really anytime we have) developing quality and beautiful .NET applications. We pour over our code, testing and coverage to make sure it is good. Some of us do that on our own while others are part of…   Continue Reading

Code Coverage Metrics That Matter


The first rule of code coverage is that not all code coverage metrics are created equal.  In this webinar we discuss three key code coverage metrics that matter: branch coverage, sequence point coverage and the change-risk anti patterns score.  In addition, we cover how all three…   Continue Reading

.NET Developers To Follow


We appreciate that the .NET developers of our community are as multifaceted as the tools we use to write great code.  In particular, we salute all those who are driven to make the applications they deliver to the world and the community we collectively…   Continue Reading

Code Coverage And Your .NET Team


Incorporating code coverage as an integral part of your .NET development process is not as simple as evaluating code coverage tools and picking one.  Although it is critical to ensure that the code coverage solution tool you select can generate an unified coverage number across your team,…   Continue Reading

.NET Developers Around The Globe


It’s always cool to discover the many walks of life .NET developers come from and the many threads (pun intended) that connect us.  As an active .NET development team ourselves, we appreciate the many contributions made by members of this great community! Grant Palin…   Continue Reading

Best Practices – Code Coverage Metrics


This is part one in a four part Best Practices For .NET Code Coverage webinar series focused on using code coverage metrics to guide development efforts and improve overall code quality. We explain the importance of selecting the right combination of metrics to measure…   Continue Reading

.NET Developers Who Bring The Full Stack


Although we do all of our development for NCover here in Greenville, South Carolina, we are always amazed at the reach of .NET developers around the world and their contributions to the .NET community.  Whether you have decades of coding under your kilt or…   Continue Reading

Best Practices For Keeping NCover Running Smoothly

NCover Best Practices

NCover can collect coverage on any .NET application for development teams, QA teams and project teams. Several of the features that make NCover so useful within these organizations are its ability to collect and display coverage trends over time, aggregate coverage by various testing methods, and…   Continue Reading