Best Practices for .NET Code Coverage


We have been covering code for over a decade. During that time, we have learned a lot from our customers on how to make the most out of implementing meaningful code coverage to teams. We thought it may help if we put together some…   Continue Reading

.NET Developers Striking the Right Chord


From the windy city to a rockstar developer, we salute a couple fantastic .NET coders who know how to strike the right (or Wright) chord!  Great work John and Brian. John Wright John Wright is a software engineer with experience developing for large, distributed networks…   Continue Reading

Getting Started with .NET Code Coverage


We live and breathe code coverage and the pursuit of building quality code. Since we have been doing it for years, we forget that each and every day new people discover and are getting started with .NET code coverage. With that in mind, we…   Continue Reading

.NET Developers in Focus


This week we wanted to bring into focus two amazing .NET coders whose experience is as broad as it is deep. Keep up the great work Xavier and Mark! Xavier Decoster Xavier Decoster is a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Visual Studio ALM and…   Continue Reading

Code Coverage – The Peace Maker?


In business we find ourselves interacting with people from different departments and with varying goals and input on a particular project. Sometimes all of these people and objectives align perfectly and everything works smoothly with your project on time and under budget. However, other…   Continue Reading

The Power of the Team


They say no man is an island. We are not meant to be alone. While sometimes we may wish the opposite, as part of a programming team, we do rely on each other to build and deploy quality applications. And as we know, quality…   Continue Reading

.NET Guides From Beginner to Pro


The .NET community is one filled with seasoned pros and up and coming developers.  We salute two .NET developers that have a proven track record of giving back to our great community.  Keep up the awesome work! Christos Matskas Christos Matskas is a senior…   Continue Reading

Code Coverage and the Development Process


You may be thinking, geez NCover, you sure write a lot about code coverage. Guilty. Yes we do. We love it. We are happy to assist the .NET development community in building better applications and quality code. Since we are always talking about it,…   Continue Reading