.NET Microsoft MVPs

MVPs help better and showcase just how powerful our .NET community can be. Today we wanted to celebrate two long-term members of the MVP community. Thank you for all your contributions. Agus Kurniawan Recognized as a C# MVP since 2004, Agus Kurniawan spends his…   Continue Reading

Profiling IIS and Collecting Code Coverage on .NET Web Apps

Profiling IIS and collecting coverage on .NET web apps continues to be a popular topic for both existing customers and organizations new to NCover.  If you or your team are interested in profiling IIS, here are a few resources we have available this month that you…   Continue Reading

.NET Community Leaders

Our community is filled with wonderful teachers that continue to enhance each .NET developer with their wisdom. Check out these two .NET community leaders helping shape the future of our community. Christian Nagel Christian is passionate about learning anything new, and loves to support…   Continue Reading

NCover 5.2 Release

The NCover development and support teams have been working hard gathering your feedback, listening to your input and making several important enhancements to NCover. We have a few more exciting things around the corner, but we did not want to wait on getting these improvements into your hands….   Continue Reading

.NET Teachers

We all started in the .NET community on our own different paths. Our common denominator was being welcomed by an amazing group of people willing to show us what .NET could do. We wanted to take a moment to recognize two outstanding .NET teachers….   Continue Reading

.NET Mentors

We all, at some point in time, were brand new at something. Reminder the time you first stared at your blank terminal screen? As we explored and experimented more, we found ourselves asking more and more questions. What makes our community so great is…   Continue Reading

Covering .NET Code With NCover Desktop

NCover Desktop is an essential tool in helping developers find where they can improve their tests, and their code, as early in the development cycle as possible. Effective tests are critical for delivering high quality code, reducing risks and maintenance costs, and increasing customer…   Continue Reading

.NET Inspiration

Part of what makes our .NET community so great is the diversity in it – from the people to the projects we are all working on. There is never a dull moment! We wanted to take a moment to highlight two MVPs and what…   Continue Reading