.NET Developers Who Keep Learning


We sometimes forget that IT as we know it changes dramatically every few months. We wanted to pause and give a special shout-out to these two .NET veterans who have been in the field with a combined 50 years of experience. They have been…   Continue Reading

Condition Coverage


One of the new features in the latest release of NCover is Condition Coverage. It is the result of both customer requests and our desire to provide a deeper understanding of how thoroughly code has been tested.  Condition Coverage is also great tool for…   Continue Reading

.NET Pioneers


We love the brave .NET pioneers out there that have taken the first steps towards something new and amazing. Ranging from a new language, tool or building a community, these two .NET programmers aren’t scared to try explore and discover wonderful new things. Chris…   Continue Reading

Gaming Your .NET Code Coverage Score


Building your testing strategy is important to make sure you are measuring what truly matters to build quality .NET applications. Part of this is making sure we are using the right measurements to track our goals. We talk about the importance of metrics a…   Continue Reading

Developers Making the Most of Language


From all around the globe, we salute a couple fantastic .NET developers who know how to never stop learning – no matter what the language!  Great work Ayman and Daniel. Ayman Farhat Ayman Farhat, based in Lebanon, enjoys solving problems through building useful software….   Continue Reading

Coverage with Multiple Test Assemblies


With NCover it’s easy to get coverage results for a single test assembly, but in some cases you may have multiple test assemblies related to a single component. In most cases, you would simply run each set of tests and merge the results into…   Continue Reading

Best Practices for .NET Code Coverage


We have been covering code for over a decade. During that time, we have learned a lot from our customers on how to make the most out of implementing meaningful code coverage to teams. We thought it may help if we put together some…   Continue Reading

.NET Developers Striking the Right Chord


From the windy city to a rockstar developer, we salute a couple fantastic .NET coders who know how to strike the right (or Wright) chord!  Great work John and Brian. John Wright John Wright is a software engineer with experience developing for large, distributed networks…   Continue Reading