.NET Community Movers and Shakers

We are half way through the year and we thought we would take a moment and reflect on some members of our .NET community that have helped us get to where we are today and where we are going in the future. Let’s take a moment to celebrate some amazing members advancing .NET.

Bob Tabor

ncover_mvp_bob_taborBob Tabor is an established .NET developer based in Dallas, TX. In addition to achieving C# MVP status three times, he has found success as an author and entrepreneur. After holding a number of contract developer positions, Bob started his own .NET training company, LearnVisualStudio.NET.

The work of an entrepreneur takes on many forms, and Bob has managed to build his company from the ground up by serving as developer, trainer, marketer, salesman, recruiter, manager, community evangelist, operations manager, and much more.

Check out Bob’s website or follow him on twitter @bobtabor.

Antonio Pelleriti

ncover_mvp_antonio_pelleritiAntonio fell in love with C# at the first .NET public beta. Now with more than 12 years’ experience in the industry, he works as a project lead and senior developer consulting in various Windows and Windows Phone applications.

Currently recognized as a .NET MVP, Antonio also enjoys working with Visual Studio ALM and ASP.NET/IIS. Fluent in Italian and English, Antonio offers tech writing and translation services. He has authored two books on Microsoft Silverlight 4 and C#.

Find out what Antonio is up to on twitter @zetanove.