Profiling IIS and Collecting Code Coverage on .NET Web Apps

Profiling IIS and collecting coverage on .NET web apps continues to be a popular topic for both existing customers and organizations new to NCover.  If you or your team are interested in profiling IIS, here are a few resources we have available this month that you may want to take advantage of.  Please let us know if you have any questions.  Enjoy!

Webinar – Wednesday, December 2, 2015 11:00AM Eastern

resources-webinar-thumbnail-2015-covering-iis-your-net-web-apps-0049e0e96e6c8b6e66bd16775abed7dbRegister now to learn the specific steps you can follow to collect code coverage on IIS and to ensure your web applications are ready to be deployed to customers.  This webinar will cover how to quickly setup a project for covering IIS and all of your .NET web apps, show how to collect code coverage from any type of automated or manual test, provide details on how to ensure accurate code coverage in unique scenarios and provide an opportunity to ask questions specific to your situation.  Register now for Covering IIS & Your .NET Web Apps.

Resource Article on Covering IIS & Your .NET Web Apps

article-iis-web-apps-BLOG-300x169NCover’s approach to covering IIS, through the use of pre-coverage filters, provides a dynamic method for collecting coverage from both automated and manual tests.

This resource article walks you through both the “auto-configure” method and the “manual” method for setting up a NCover project to cover IIS.

Support Documentation on Covering IIS

processes-tab-iisThis support article provides additional detail on the process of covering IIS and walks through the process of finding the process you want to cover and how you can use pre-coverage filters to focus coverage on only the desired areas of code. And, as always, if you have any question about topics covered here or just want to work with someone to help you and your team start collecting coverage on IIS, contact us and we would be happy to help!