NCover 4.5 10x Faster, Smaller Database, Supports Visual Studio 2013

NCover 4.5 provides users a significant step forward in overall application speed, a reduction in NCover data store requirements and support for Visual Studio 2013.  This release improves the overall experience of collecting .NET code coverage with NCover and provides teams and individuals working on larger projects with the most dramatics improvements in user experience.

All currently licensed Desktop, Code Central and Collector with an active subscription can upgrade at no charge to version 4.5. Complete release notes can be found here.

10X Speed Improvement


Representing the largest single improvement in performance since the launch of NCover 4, NCover has dramatically improved the speed, responsiveness and user experience through a series of improvements to the core NCover system. The improvements benefit all users of Desktop, Code Central and Collector. Users with large projects may experience a 10x or greater improvement in system responsiveness and overall speed. The improvements also reduce memory utilization and disk i/o requirements, further freeing up local and system resource usage.

Reduced Storage Requirements


Through a series of improvements in the management of historical code coverage data, NCover data store requirements have been significantly reduced for all NCover projects using the Consolidate and Archive functionality. Users managing large projects may experience up to 60-80% reclaimed storage space. The aggregate savings across multiple projects and teams results in a significant reduction in local resources required by NCover. These benefits are automatically realized for all future projects and can be retroactively applied to historical projects by executing the Compact command at the command line.

Support for Visual Studio 2013


NCover now supports Visual Studio 2013, a comprehensive collection of tools and services to help you create a wide variety of applications, both for the Microsoft platform and beyond. By combining Microsoft’s development environment with NCover’s code coverage solution, you can develop amazing applications that are both inspiring and reliable. In addition, NCover also supports Visual Studio 2012, Visual Studio 2010 and Visual Studio 2008.


  1. I literally burned my fingers on this new release. Amazing and awesome are too feeble a descriptors for this software. Such a release will inspire loyalty and mighty deeds worthy of story and song. Thank you NCover!

    • Kerry Meade says:

      Kudos to all the Mind Walkers in the Development Group at NCover for another great release. 😉


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