Collecting Coverage Data on Large Services

Collecting coverage data on large assemblies can be tricky at times. When the CLR loads an assembly, NCover analyzes the assembly to note the classes and methods that it contains. In most situations this analysis takes less than a second, but some projects with…   Continue Reading

Announcing NCover 2.0.2

In the past two weeks we’ve worked hard to resolve those small nagging bugs that show up after any release, and we’re proud to announce the resulting NCover 2.0.2. Among the improvements in this release are: <li>Fixed a NullReferenceException that bothered many users generating…   Continue Reading

The What? Why? When? and How? of Code Coverage

From time to time I get questions about why a developer would use code coverage or how best to use it, so I’ve put together a compilation of my thoughts about code coverage analysis and how it should be done. I’ll be writing a…   Continue Reading

Thanks For a Great NCover 2.0 Launch!

We’ve had a great response to the release of NCover 2.0. Thanks to all of you who have tried out NCover 2.0 and gone on to purchase it. Keep it coming. The Gnoso team has a lot of fresh ideas and we’re excited about…   Continue Reading

Uncovering the New NCover

The NCover project has entered a new era. If you’ve looked around the rest of the web site already, you’ve probably noticed the complete overhaul of our site. Since the NCover 1.5.8 release in April, we’ve been working on an upgraded version of NCover….   Continue Reading