Bolt is an integrated multi-platform test runner that offers built-in, real-time code coverage. As a Visual Studio extension, Bolt allows you to integrate coverage into your existing Visual Studio workflow, giving you the benefits of taking your code to measurably improved levels of quality without spending more time on overhead activities

Video Tutorial on Running Tests with NCover Bolt Test Runner

NCover has recently released a new test runner named Bolt.  This video will walk you through the various ways to run tests and gives you a quick tour of the interface.  Bolt supports running tests from multiple frameworks and will allow you  to view…   Continue Reading

Video Tutorial on Connecting NCover Bolt and NCover Desktop

NCover Bolt and Desktop offer a seamless integration to make it easier and faster to test your .NET code and review your coverage results. The connection between the two programs provides you with the ability to test projects using Bolt and view a full…   Continue Reading

NCover January Code Coverage Updates

Happy 2014! We wanted to take a moment to let our .NET code coverage clients know about 3 incremental releases to the NCover product suite this January.  All trial users and customers with an active subscription can apply these updates from within NCover. Visual…   Continue Reading

NCover December Code Coverage Updates

It’s been a very busy December here at NCover and we wanted to take a moment to update you on a few items. NCover 4.5 Code Coverage Updates We have released two additional updates to NCover this month, so please be sure to auto-update…   Continue Reading

.NET Code Coverage For The Team

From a technical perspective, NCover is dedicated to providing .NET developers with outstanding solutions for ensuring that their code is reliable, predictable and of the highest possible quality.  Well-written and well-tested code is core to our mantra and we believe our solutions both provide…   Continue Reading

NCover Bolt – Visual Studio Code Coverage & Test Runner

NCover Bolt provides .NET developers with  an integrated multi-platform test runner that offers built-in, real-time code coverage. As a Visual Studio extension, Bolt allows developers to integrate coverage into existing Visual Studio workflows, providing the benefits of coverage metrics, source code highlighting and branch coverage…   Continue Reading