.NET Code Coverage Metrics

The right metrics can help identify the riskiest code – resulting in more effective testing and refactoring efforts. Release risk can be reduced by ensuring new code has been adequately tested and understanding how old code was effected. NCover provides both standard and advanced code coverage metrics designed to help you maintain the highest quality code. Standard metrics include Modules, Namespaces, Methods, Documents, Executions, Types, Sequence Points and Lines of Code. Core .NET code coverage metrics include Sequence Point Coverage and Branch Point Coverage. Advanced risk management metrics include Change Risk Anti-Patterns Score, Max Complexity and Percentage Satisfactory Complexity.

The NCover Coverage Summary Report

NCover 4 ushered in the live coverage query views and web interface for data analysis.  The full intent was to go paperless, as it were, in the electronic sense.  Not generating static files means that data doesn’t get stale and coverage reports don’t get…   Continue Reading

Measuring Code Coverage Without Symbols or Source Code

Increasingly, customers are using NCover to gather code coverage in production scenarios (or mock production scenarios). In fact, many of the improvements we’ve made in NCover have been focused on gathering coverage with as little performance impact as possible and requiring little to no…   Continue Reading

Visualizing Branch Coverage

As a follow-up to my post on understanding coverage metric, I want to explain how you can better visualize branch coverage. One of the reasons we feature both sequence point coverage and branch coverage numbers so prominently is that they are both essential to…   Continue Reading

Understanding Branch Coverage

As you might have discovered by now, not all code coverage metrics are the same. In fact, you will probably get slightly different numbers from every tool that you use. The reason for this discrepancy is that there are many variations for breaking code…   Continue Reading

CRAP Score with NCover 4….

I get questions all day about code coverage, but one of the most common questions is, “How do we get the most out of our coverage metrics?”. The root of this question comes from the transition of taking your coverage data and applying it in…   Continue Reading

Managing Release Risks with Metrics

It’s another Whizz Bang Webinar! Date: Thursday, April 21, 2011 Time: 1:00 pm EDT, Noon CDT, 11:00 am PDT About the Event Development organizations are schizophrenic. We talk about the need to reduce risk in our releases, but fail to take action to make…   Continue Reading