The NCover interface has been designed to give you useful information and statistics at every level of your project. Each page gives you data that can be interacted with and acted upon. Rather than simply providing static reports that are out of date as soon as a new build is available, NCover gives you the ability to explore and dive deep into your code base.

Case Study: Google’s Team Approach to Coverage

We spend our days (and nights and really anytime we have) developing quality and beautiful .NET applications. We pour over our code, testing and coverage to make sure it is good. Some of us do that on our own while others are part of…   Continue Reading

Video Tutorial on Merging And Consolidating To Join Multiple Executions with NCover

WIth NCover, you can collect code coverage across multiple machines, multiple users and multiple executions.  Aggregating all of this data is part of what makes NCover so effective in improving overall .NET code quality.  It can also create a lot of data.  By merging…   Continue Reading

Switch Perfection

Some of us are sticklers for detail.  For now the names will be withheld to protect the nearly innocent, but suffice it to say that we do have teams out there who relentlessly pursue 100% BP and SP coverage.  And if we’re all honest,…   Continue Reading

NCover Collector Merge and Sync Control

NCover Collector and Code Central provide a robust framework for collecting code coverage in testing and quality assurance environments.  These tools make it easier to collect coverage unattended with and provide collection configuration.  Using Code Central as the administrative hub, projects for code collection are…   Continue Reading

The NCover Coverage Summary Report

NCover 4 ushered in the live coverage query views and web interface for data analysis.  The full intent was to go paperless, as it were, in the electronic sense.  Not generating static files means that data doesn’t get stale and coverage reports don’t get…   Continue Reading