Code coverage integrated into your development process


Individuals, teams and team leads can all deliver measurably better applications.


Importance of Code Quality

Higher quality code, happier end users

Code coverage is most valuable as a feedback mechanism for test-driven or agile development methodologies. Both of these methods rely on a developmental feedback loop that promotes the addition of features while maintaining a predictable quality level. Code quality is one of the most important concerns of any software development organization. Rapid development and technical prowess will only yield breakthrough results if customers can rely on the quality of your product.

Add new features to your .NET application while ensuring a predictable code base

Cost of Defects

Bugs not welcome

Research has shown that the time and costs associated with fixing defects in software grow exponentially as the product moves beyond the development stage to the shipping life cycle. The generally accepted multiplier for this cost differential is a factor of 10 or 1000%. That means that a $1,500 pre-shipping bug fix becomes a $15,000 disaster after the product is in the users' hands.

Investments in code quality reduce total costs associated with developing and deploying .NET applications.

Development + Desktop + Code Central

.NET code coverage to fit your needs

Whether you are an individual developer doing freelance work or part of a larger team, NCover has a .NET code coverage solution for you. Desktop supports the individual developer or teams of developers with trend analysis, interactive reporting, advanced filtering, multi-project support and an award winning user interface plus complete code coverage within Visual Studio. Code Central connects your team and aggregates coverage across Development for a unified coverage number.

NCover is committed to giving all .NET developers the tools they need to write their best code.