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Videos  (VIEW ALL VIDEOS)Instructional Videos Relating to the Use of NCover

NCover Visual Studio Extension Overview (1:45)
NCover Desktop improves the ease, speed and flexibility of collecting and using code coverage in Visual Studio.
Code Coverage Visualization with NCover Bolt (2:37)
View code coverage within Visual Studio and maintain overall code health.
Connecting NCover Bolt and NCover Desktop (2:00)
Bolt is fully integrated with NCover Desktop to provide users with a complete and robust code coverage solution.
Adding And Modifying Covered Processes (1:24)
Select only the processes you want to profile when creating and managing projects.
Creating a New Code Coverage Project (1:45)
Quickly setup and modify your first code coverage project with auto-configure.
Managing With Coverage Thresholds (1:56)
Quickly setup and modify your first code coverage project with auto-configure.
Merging & Consolidating (2:14)
Combine code coverage test results across machines or executions for a unified view.
Pre-Coverage Filters (1:17)
Narrow the scope of the .NET code you are profiling and define areas of focus.

Articles  (VIEW ALL ARTICLES)Articles and Guides on NCover and Code Coverage

Integrating NCoverWith TeamCity
Configure NCover Code Central to work with your TeamCity based build process.
Covering Your Build Server
Configuring Code Central to collect code coverage on your build server.
Covering IIS & Your .NET Web Apps
A basic overview of the methodology and approach for covering your .NET web apps.
Code Coverage For The Team
Why the world's leading .NET development teams rely on coce coverage and what it means to your team.
Code Coverage 101
A basic overview of code coverage and how NCover fits into the overall picture.

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