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Designed To Easily Integrate Code Coverage Into QA


Automatic Data Syncing To Code Central

With NCover, the days of copying, distributing and merging code coverage files are gone. When used with Code Central, both Desktop and Collector can automatically sync all coverage data for those projects that are connected to Code Central. The Code Central server handles all of the heavy lifting and processing to ensure that development and QA machines stay light and fast and minimize the use of local resources.


Floating Licenses

In addition to traditional licensing for Desktop and Collector, Code Central also supports floating licenses. Floating licenses are managed from Code Central and are based on concurrent usage. For teams where only a subset of users may be using NCover at any given time, floating licenses provide an attractive option for getting your entire team connected to NCover quickly and cost effectively.


Optimized for QA Teams

Collector, when connected to Code Central, allows QA teams to quickly and easily collect coverage. Collector can profile all of your tests whether they are manual or based on automated scripts. Once a project has been set up and the parameters for coverage have been defined, Collector will look for tests on the code and automatically collect coverage without any interaction from the QA team.