NCover Updates For Desktop & Bolt

We have released several important NCover updates during the months of March and April. These updates reflect improvements across the entire product line with a heavy emphasis on NCover Bolt and NCover Desktop. The current version is V5.0.2953.994. A full list of what is…   Continue Reading

.NET Developers Italian Connection

We can not say enough about the amazing people in our .NET community. Today we wanted to take a moment to give a special NCover MVP shout out to these two .NET developers based out of Italy. Paolo Patierno Paolo Patierno is a software…   Continue Reading

Microsoft MVPs in the .NET Know

We love our Microsoft MVPs. They are a great resource for our .NET community. Did you know that we also offer free NFR licenses to you if you are one? Before you go, check out these two Microsoft MVPs helping make our community better…   Continue Reading

Code Coverage Metrics in Regulated Industries

Code Coverage Metrics in Regulated Industries In a previous post, Code Coverage In The Medical Device Software Industry, we discussed the role a governing organization such as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration plays in providing guidance for software development companies in the medical…   Continue Reading

Code Coverage In The Medical Device Software Industry

Code Coverage In The Medical Device Software Industry If you develop software in a highly-regulated industry, then you are probably aware of the rules governing software validation, software testing and code coverage. In these industries, testing and validating code is not only a good business…   Continue Reading

Say Hello to These .NET Developers

We cannot say it enough. Our .NET family of developers is pretty awesome. We continually meet new people everyday that continue to impress and amaze us. Here are two members of the .NET developer and NCover community that we would like to introduce you…   Continue Reading

.NET Programmers Across the Globe

Our .NET community reaches across every nearly every country and continent – and I bet we can find some on Antarctica, if the weather is right. Today we wanted to highlight two of our .NET programmers spanning the globe. Elemar Rodrigues Severo Junior Elemar…   Continue Reading

Code Coverage with NCover and UFT / QTP

Code Coverage with NCover and UFT / QTP Automated testing is key to any productive QA team. We at NCover often work with teams using any number of test automation solutions to simplify their test processes.  One of the solutions that we encounter frequently is…   Continue Reading