Collecting Coverage from the Command Line for IIS

Collecting Coverage from the Command Line for IIS We recently hosted a webinar covering the basic steps for profiling IIS and web applications using NCover.  The session was very well attended and one question that was raised repeatedly by attendees was: “How can I…   Continue Reading

Condition Coverage Explained in IL

Condition Coverage Explained in IL NCover calculates code coverage by breaking methods down into blocks of code which are contiguous groups of instructions (e.g. there are no control-flow statements that divert program control into or out of those blocks). These contiguous blocks are called…   Continue Reading

Remercions nos membres Français de la communauté .NET

No need to check your translation settings. We meant to do that. The .NET community is far reaching and offers some really great contributors striving to make us all better programs. We wanted to put a spotlight on these two French .NET developers making…   Continue Reading

Pre-Instrumentation For Windows Store Apps

Pre-Instrumentation For Windows Store Apps The last three posts concerning pre-instrumentation for NCover have provided a first look at scripting and project integration. A key factor in the addition of this feature to NCover is the growth in popularity of Windows Store (sandboxed) applications….   Continue Reading

.NET Developers and Teachers

We celebrate the members of our .NET community that find time to work with, help organize and educate the greater community at large. We wanted to shine a light on two special MVPs that we often find at the head of the class. Thanks…   Continue Reading

Pre-Instrumentation Targets for MSBuild

Pre-Instrumentation Targets for MSBuild The flexibility of NCover pre-instrumentation has been demonstrated in two previous articles describing both the NCover Pre-Instrumentation and the Pre-Instrumentation for Continuous Integration. Pre-instrumentation for coverage collection with NCover can also be integrated directly into MSBuild projects. MSBuild targets are the…   Continue Reading

Integrating NCover Pre-Instrumentation Into Your Build Process

Pre-Instrumentation for Continuous Integration In a recent post describing NCover Pre-Instrumentation, we introduced you to coverage collection without an in-memory profiler. The specific use cases and advantages are well-detailed in that post. Now that this tool is in the arsenal, the next question we’ll…   Continue Reading

.NET Developers Making Great Products

It is the beginning of 2015 and we are all busy making resolutions on how to improve into the new year. We thought it was a great time to look at two .NET developers who are continually resolving to make better products. Jorge Serrano…   Continue Reading