NCoverExplorer Report on CCNet Incorrect when Excluding Asse

NCoverExplorer Report on CCNet Incorrect when Excluding Asse

Hi Grant,

I'm pretty sure this is a bug unless I'm missing something.  I'll describe it and we'll go from there.

I have NCover running on a project's test assembly on CCNet.  Then I run NCoverExplorer to create an xml file that CCNet can use and then use the NCoverExplorerSummary.xsl file accordingly.

If I exclude nunit.framework and nunit.core during the NCoverExplorer task execution the results for the "Total" line in the CCnet report is wrong.

So, for example:

Test1Assembly.dll               25%               Fail

Test2Assembly.dll               50%               Fail

Total                                    26.3%               Fail

However, the 26.3% is computed by taking the 25 + 50 + 30 (30 comes from the coverage of nunit.core and nunit.framework summed (made these numbers up)) and then dividing it by 4.  However, I expect the results to sum just the assemblies included and averaging based on those.  So my expected total should be 37.5%.  Though it would still fail in this case, in other cases it could be the difference between failure and passing.

Any thoughts?

Kind Regards,