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Ready to cover your build server with NCover? The NCover Run command is the first step. Learn about the benefits of using NCover Run, the basics of creating a working Run command and how to integrate Run into your build script.
Thu, Jun 8, 2017, 01:00PM US Eastern (10:00AM Pacific / 6:00PM London)
When it comes to delivering .NET applications, are you measuring the code that really matters? Learn how to use NCover pre-coverage and post-coverage filters to ensure that your entire team is focused on the most critical portions of your application.
Thu, Jun 22, 2017, 11:00AM US Eastern (8:00AM Pacific / 4:00PM London)
Can you measure just how well your tests have exercised your .NET web applications? Learn the specific steps you can follow to collect code coverage on IIS and to ensure your web applications are ready to be deployed to customers.
Thu, Jul 6, 2017, 09:00AM US Eastern (2:00PM London / 6:30PM Mumbai)

Previously Recorded Webinars

This webinar outlines four categories of best practices, with examples, to guide development efforts and improve overall code quality. Previously recorded and available for immediate viewing.
Pre-Recorded Video: 15:00
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All code is not created equal and some code really is measurably better. Learn about best practices that relate to code coverage metrics and how you can put them to work in your organization. Part one of a four part series.
Pre-Recorded Video: 4:58
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Not all code coverage metrics are created equal. Learn about several important metrics that can help development teams measure the success of their testing strategy as well as the overall riskiness of their code base.
Pre-Recorded Video: 8:23
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Learn about the key traits of outstanding .NET development teams and how NCover and code coverage can help you improve overall code quality and code health.
Pre-Recorded Video: 6:46
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