NAnt and MSBuild tasks for NCover available

NAnt and MSBuild tasks for NCover available


A number of newcomers to NCover seem to struggle with getting the command line syntax correct for the various NCover versions. I have created these tasks for more convenient usage and included their source along with my NCoverExplorer ones in compiled assemblies you just drop into your NAnt bin or MSBuild project folder.

So for instance it can be as simple as this (NAnt task for NCover 1.5.x):

<ncover  program="${ncover.path}\ncover.console.exe"
         commandLineArgs="${build.path}\myapp.tests.dll" >

The blog entry with more examples and download links is here.

Any bugs or issues with these please let me know.


Re: compiling

You need Visual Studio 2005.  The core engine of NCover is a native C++ COM library.

Re: NCoverExplorer have some problem with C++/CLI code

Can you email me a coverage.xml file to take a look? (Or a small repro case)? NCoverExplorer just visually renders what is contained in the output of NCover. I'm not a CPP person myself to comment on what is or isnt correct. From one other C++ user who contacted me ages ago and sent me a file I do recall that NCover does not include column information for the sequence points for C++ files (just lines).

I'm not exactly sure what you are saying is incorrect - please explain again or show an example. The main() function is in the "-" namespace you say, then you say it has the correct number and shows it is from a file called "ti_inst.cpp". What exactly is the problem?

Re: Where is the download?

Never mind... I found it at