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Code Coverage For The Team

NCover 4 represents the industry's first and only team-based code coverage tool and is offered as three distinct tools for mearuing code quality and improving overall code health. Code Central serves as the hub of team-based coverage and central repository for collecting and using coverage data. Desktop expands the developer's tool set with industry leading functionality and can be used as a stand-alone application or in conjunction with Code Central. Collector extends the reach of coverage collection to individuals in QA, build servers and QA servers.


Interactive Reporting Interface

NCover 4's interactive reporting interface is designed to help you understand and take action on your company's code coverage data. Multilcolored trend graphs allows for build quality issues to be quickly and easiliy identified at the highest level. Supporting drill-down capability all the way to the source code level, the new interface provides an intuitive and powerful way to make sure that every line of source code meets pre-difined standards and thresholds.


Always-On Windows Service

NCover 4 is the industry's only .NET code coverage tool that is always ready to collect code coverage without requiring applications to be launched by the coverage tool. Offering unprecedented flexibility with custom filters and project configuration settings, NCover enhances the developer's ability to seamlessly integrate coverage into the development process and expands the use of coverage to QA and to project team leads and managers.


Visual Studio Extension

NCover 4 Desktop includes an extension that is designed to work seamlessly inside of Microsoft's Visual Studio. The streamlined interface respects the limited amount of space that is typical with plugins, while at the same time making code simple to navigate and progress easy to track. It offers branch visualization to pinpoint unnecessary complexity in your code and source code syntax highlighting to indentify individual lines of code that have not been tested.