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What's New In NCover 4.2Includes items for all NCover products

Improved Database Speed

The NCover database has been upgraded with an improved indexing scheme focused on overall speed. As part of the upgrade, all existing coverage data history will go through a one-time re-aggregation to benefit from the improvement. Re-aggregation can be done selectively against specific projects or executions or can be done across all data. Re-aggregation and aggregation methods also reflect a new ordering scheme to improve overall speed.


Improved Browsing Experience

Building upon enhancements to the NCover database and its overall speed improvements, the NCover browser experience has been significantly improved. Specifically, the speed in displaying code quality metrics and the speed in actively navigating through code coverage history has been increased. The result is an even more responsive browsing experience and the resulting ability to quickly access desired data.


Overall Performance

NCover 4.2 includes several specific improvements that improve the overall performance of NCover. These include improving coverage under IIS with the ability to separate coverage of multiple application domains, making assembly filters optional, expanded Include and Exclude filters and the addition to the GUI of archive capability with automatic deletion of the execution form the live data store.


15+ Enhancements

The focus of the NCover 4.2 release has been to provide a quicker data browsing experience to individuals with large projects. The result is substantial speed improvements across the board for browsing code coverage results within NCover. Improvements were a result of modifications to the data store, enhancements to the pre-aggregation process and enhancements to the aggregation process.


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