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NCover Analyze

The Analyze command is a good way to find profiling issues via the command line. If coverage doesn't display errors, but never completes, there may be a problem during the profiling that isn't visible in the GUI.

Note: Disabling your NCover project should force immediate coverage collection, which might also show the modules where an error is occurring.

Running the Analyze command starts the static analysis of the source DLLs manually from the command line, so that you can see if analysis completes successfully.

If the profiler does encounter a problem, any errors that are generated will be output to the console.


Go to the directory where your source DLLs are located and run from the command line (depending on the bitness of your source code):

NCover Analyze32 your.code.*.dll [--force-reload] [--force-sync]

Note: The above is a suggested pattern match, otherwise you can use a simple asterisk to process all assemblies.

NCover Analyze64 your.code.*.dll [--force-reload] [--force-sync]


  --force-sync           Send the affected captures to Code Central.
  --force-reload         Force any cached static captures to be re-
  --sync                 for backward compatiblity.
  --force                For backward compatibility.

Tip: The --force option will always re-analyze all DLLs, and will take the longest to run. If you don't want modules that haven't changed to be re-analyzed, don't use the force (Luke).

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