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NCover Compact

The Compact command is run on Code Central or Desktop from the command line. This command will attempt to recover unused space in the data store and re-index any fragmented tables.

The Compact command reclaims space by removing unreferenced data. With the release of version 5.1, cover compact has a new option --rebuild. Rebuild is the most thorough way to clean space from a data store.

Rebuild actually rewrites the folders of the data store in minimal form, removing all references to deleted records.

The Compact command can be schedule to run on any variation of the NCover server. The interval at which the command should be run is highly dependent on system usage. The command is most useful after deleting executions or pruning modules from the coverage. Collector machines are constantly deleting executions and could benefit from Compact on a weekly basis if they are used daily.


NCover Compact --force

Sample command to fully compact and rebuild a data store:

NCover Compact --rebuild --force


  --force                required parameter to confirm Compact.
  --rebuild              completely rewrite. (Most thorough)

--force : parameter is required for confirmation.

Warning: This operation removes unreferenced data elements. There is no undo for this operation.

Note: Depending on the size of your data store, Compact could take a significant amount of time. For example, in our test on a 10 GB data store, the Compact command ran for about 45 minutes.

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