NCover Documentation

Build Id

Attaches a custom build id to the coverage data gathered, a random unique ID will be created otherwise. (Any string is a valid build id).


Read Settings from a file

Read Settings from a file


Save Settings

Save coverage settings to a file


Turn literal mode on.

Turns off the automatic detection and fixing of common NCover configuration errors; forces NCover to interpret its command line arguments literally.
Default Value: True

Usage: <ExpertMode>true</ExpertMode>

Register NCover

Temporarily enable NCover for the current user.
NOTE: This argument will not work for the //iis or the //svc arguments.


Global Environment

Configures NCover to cover child processes that could start as services or as regular applications.


Working Directory

Set the working directory of the covered application.
NOTE: Does not apply to IIS or a service started with //svc.
NOTE: Does not apply to any //pm process.


Wait for Application Load

Tell NCover to wait the given number of minutes for the application to start up. If the application has not started up after the given amount of time, NCover will assume that it will never start up, and then exit.
Default: 1 minute


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