NCover Documentation

Register NCover

Usage: //reg

NCover requires a COM registration of the NCover.Lib assembly containing the profiler, which is performed automatically by the default .msi installation. If you require the use of multiple version of NCover on a single machine, then you can use this argument which will temporarily register the profiler while performing coverage.

Example: NCover.Console MyApp.exe //reg

Wait for Application Load

Usage: //wait-for-app-load [minutes] or //wal [minutes]

NCover normally waits at most one minute for the profiled application to load and begin running. Some applications however, especially web applications, can take longer to load. If your app takes longer than a minute to load, you can tell NCover to wait longer for your application by using this flag.

Example: NCover.Console MyApp.exe //wal 3

Save Settings

Usage: //save-settings-file [settings file name] or //s [settings file name]

You may find it more convenient to use a settings file rather than specifying a long list of command line arguments for running NCover. If you get the NCover command line working as you would like it and then use this argument, NCover will save the given arguments as an xml file that can then be loaded using //read-settings-file.

Example: NCover.Console MyApp.exe //ssp 12 //html .\HtmlReport\ //project-name MyProject //save-settings-file .\NCoverSettings.xml or NCover.Console MyApp.exe //ssp 12 //html .\HtmlReport\ //project-name MyProject //s .\NCoverSettings.xml

Read Settings

Usage: //read-settings-file [settings file name] or //r [settings file name]

Loads an NCover settings file and uses the settings contained in the file for execution. For use when you have used //save=settings-file to construct an NCover settings file containing your command line arguments.

Example: NCover.Console //read-settings-file .\NCoverSettings.xml or NCover.Console //r .\NCoverSettings.xml

Working Directory

Usage: //working-directory [working directory path] or //w [working directory path]

If the application being profiled requires the working directory to be set to something other than the current directory you are executing the command line from then you can override it with this argument.

Example: NCover.Console MyApp.exe //working-directory .\WorkingDirectory</code> or NCover.Console MyApp.exe //w .\WorkingDirectory</code>

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