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  1. You can use these buttons to scroll the list of opened source files left and right once there are too many to fit.
  2. Clicking the 'X' will close the source code tab.
  3. Clicking the down arrow will open a dropdown list of every every open source file, similar to the picture below.
  4. ![nce_documentation_codeviewpanel_dropdown.png](../../../assets/nce_documentation_codeviewpanel_dropdown.PNG)
  5. These are line numbers.
  6. This is the visit count for that line. This is actually the _highest_ visit count for the line, since (like line #44) a line can have multiple symbol points.
  7. This sidebar displays the location and number of uncovered symbol points in the source file. Clicking on an uncovered line will move to that location in the source code.

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