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Rebasing Path to Source

The NCover Analyze static analysis function has been updated to rebase source paths from the command line.

This command allows a user who has the source code associated with an assembly and its PDBs to perform static analysis on their machine and redirect the source code look-up to a new location.


NCover.Analyze.x86 my_assembly.dll --rebase-path="C:\old path|f:\new path"

Note: The Analyze command doesn't look across the network when using --rebase-path (or any other time). Analyze is a local process only, like all NCover service commands.

The rebase option is a simple regex substitution -- all instances of the old path are replaced with the new path. If the old doesn't match, it doesn't change.

Multiple --rebase-path options are allowed in a single NCover Analyze command.

You can run --rebase-path before or after coverage is collected to update a source path.

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