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We are pleased to announce the newest release of NCover 3. The coolest feature of this new release is the ability to read Team Foundation Server code coverage files. TFS files may be loaded and viewed in NCover Explorer and you may also create trend files

Bug Fixes

  • After selecting a node that does not have trend data (e.g. a property node), selecting a node that does have trend data will not show the trend data. The trend data will show if the application is resized.
  • Fixed font size issues in the tree view when upgrading from NCover v2.1 to NCover v3.0
  • Fixed various sizing problems in the stats pane
  • Fixed a problem with generating trends and adding them to an html report via NCover.Reporting.exe
  • Fixed various usability problems with the exception dialog. Describing the error should be much easier now
  • Fixed various usability and sizing problems with the project options and application options windows.
  • The x86 version of NCover Explorer is now correctly named as NCover.Explorer.exe
  • Add Included/Excluded assemblies now starts in the working folder when opened
  • Cyclomatic Complexity trends now display correctly
  • Trends now combine all versions of the same dll into the graph. This will allow all of the trends for an assembly to be displayed
  • Trends are now shown for properties
  • Trend file now correctly calculated method visits and visit count for documents
  • Trends now property display correctly for duplicate namespaces, types and methods across assemblies


  • Removed Save and Load buttons from the "Project Options" and "Options" windows. Any changes made are immediatly effective.
  • Changed Window graphic on the main window to the usual NCoverExplorer graphic (a magnifying glass and the NCover logo)
  • Added extra info to the title of the Main window -- 32 vs. 64 bit, and whether the executing user is an administrator
  • New Trend graph now shows Sequence and Branch points at the same time. The scaling issues have also been fixed. Each x-axis tick is one "run"
  • Maximum visit count is now stored in the trend file. The existing "vc" attribute is still the minimum visit count
  • Coverage files and trends now include a "failed" flag and will be set to true if the tests return an error code
  • Changed binding on satisfactory coverage slider bars to lost focus to fix performance issues with large coverage files
  • We now display a message as we load a trend file so the user knows when the process is complete


  • Added TFS Coverage file support. You may now load and trend TFS 2008 and 2010 code coverage files.

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