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NCover.Console NCover Settings

NCover.Console provides numerous features for profiling applications, services, and IIS (ASP.NET) applications. See an example of a configuration here.


Name Element Name Summary
Append Trends CoverageTrend Appends trend data from the merged coverage files to the specified output path and filename.
Coverage XML CoverageXml Outputs Coverage data to a file other than the default.
HTML Report CoverageHtmlPath Outputs HTML to a directory. Requires Complete Edition.
Log File LogFile Logs to a file other than the default.
Log Level LoggingLevel Specify profiler log level.
Project Name ProjectName Specifies the name of the project for HTML output.

Profiling Options

Name Element Name Summary
Application Arguments CommandLineArgs Supply the arguments for the profiled application.
Profiled Application Path CommandLineExe Set which program to collect data on.
Coverage Metric CoverageMetrics Set which coverage metrics to collect data for.
Exclude Attributes ExcludeAttributes Namespaces, classes and methods with an attribute that matches one of the regular expressions will be excluded from coverage.
Exclude Assemblies ExcludeAssemblies Exclude assemblies from coverage.
Exclude Files ExcludeFiles Excludes source files using a list of regular expressions.
Exclude Methods ExcludeMethods Excludes methods using a list of regular expressions.
Exclude Types ExcludeTypes Excludes types using a list of regular expressions..
Include Attributes IncludeAttributes Namespaces, Classes, and Methods with an attribute that matches one of the regular expressions will be included into coverage.
Include Assemblies IncludeAssemblies Selects which assemblies to cover.
Include File Paths IncludeFiles Source files whose path matches one of the regular expressions will be included into coverage.
Include Types IncludeTypes Namespaces and Classes whose fully-qualified name matches one of these regular expressions will be included into coverage.
Disable Autoexclusion IncludeAutoGenCode Includes compiler generated code in coverage.
Only Assemblies With Source OnlyAssembliesWithSource Only cover Assemblies with source information.
Process Name CoverChildProcess Profile only processes that match a particular name.
Cover All Processes CoverAll Makes NCover cover all processes that it starts either directly or indirectly.
Symbol Search Policy SymbolSearchLocations Tell NCover where to look for symbol (*.pdb) files.

Program Settings

Name Element Name Summary
Build Id BuildId Attaches a custom build id to the coverage data gathered.
Read Settings from a file ReadSettingsFile Set coverage settings based on a settings file.
Save Settings WriteSettingsFile Save coverage settings to a file.
Turn literal mode on. ExpertMode Turns off the automatic detection and fixing of common NCover configuration errors; forces NCover to interpret its command line arguments literally.
Register NCover RegisterForUser Temporarily registers the NCover DLL.
Global Environment SetupGlobalEnvironment Configures NCover to cover child processes that could start as services or as regular applications.
Working Directory WorkingDirectory Set the working directory.
Wait for Application Load WaitForAppLoad Sets the maximum number of minutes NCover waits for the profiled process to connect before timing out.


Name Element Name Summary
IIS CoverServiceName Allows coverage of IIS.
Service Timeout ServiceTimeout Sets maximum number of minutes NCover will let IIS or a Windows Service run before stopping them..
Windows Service CoverServiceName Allows coverage of a service.
Service Argument CoverServiceArguments Adds a startup argument to the windows service argument list.

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