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Since the NCover Beta launch on 10/22, we've been busily incorporating great user feedback with our own testing to make NCover v3 more robust, improve the user experience, and correct unexpected behavior. Remember! If you don't tell us it's wrong, it can't be fixed!

Here is a short list of the items we fixed since the v3.0 Beta release:

  • Now possible to select coverage, log, and trend files that don't exist.
  • All textboxes select their text when they receive focus.
  • Improved integration with Typemock by un-deprecating the //reg argument.
  • Child windows now pop in front (and stay in front), instead of disappearing behind the main window when they lose focus.
  • The Full HTML Report now displays after it's created when the appropriate checkbox is selected.
  • (NCover) Dlls loaded above the 32-bit boundary no longer cause a program crash.
  • Running coverage without a coverage file open no longer crashes the app
  • Fixed misc. usability issue in the Error Report window.
  • The latest trend information now included in reports created from NCover.Reporting
  • Open source files could sometimes cause a crash when coverage was run.
  • Problems with selecting and storing the right font size were fixed.
  • Changes to NCover run options are now detected correctly.
  • If the NCover output window is closed, it will pop up while NCover is running, and close after NCover is finished.
  • Fixed multiple file selection in the "Application Arguments" field.
  • Fixed exclusions for MBUnit and MSTest testing frameworks, and added MbUnit dependencies and an obfuscation tool to the auto-excluded list.
  • Entering a regex into the exclusion fields (source file exclusions, type exclusions, method exclusions, and assembly exclusions) does not invalidate now!
  • Fixed HTML report issue for trends. Firefox was ignoring the last trend data point.
  • Lightened the HTML trend graph lines to fix issues when trend data was always 0 or 100%.

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