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Run Bolt from the Command Line

NCover Bolt allows you to run tests from the Visual Studio IDE, but also from the command line.

The Bolt command line test runner gives you the ability to run full test assemblies, as well as specific contexts within your assemblies.

Note: Bolt command line is a test runner only -- it does not provide coverage data.

The Bolt command line can run either MSTest or NUnit tests from a single command line: Bolt.exe *.dll

The Bolt command line runner can also export coverage results in two convenient formats for portability and further analysis: JSON and NUnit compatible XML.


Bolt.exe [Test assemblies] [Bolt commands]

Available commands:

--f, --filter[=VALUE]   Test specific node(s) (ex. namespace.class.test, next, ...)
--r, --results[=VALUE]  Results file (default: TestResults.json)
--x, --xml-results[=VALUE]  XML Results file (default: TestResults.xml)
--w, --working-dir[=VALUE]  Set working directory for test execution
--a, --agent[=VALUE]        Specify test runner agent one of [2x86, 2x64, 4x86, 4x64]


Bolt.exe *.test.dll

Bolt.exe test1.dll test2.dll

Bolt.exe *.test.dll --filter=MyNamespace1.ns2.class3

Bolt.exe *.test.dll --results=resultfile1.json

Bolt.exe *.test.dll --xml-results=somexmlfile.xml

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