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Relevant Network Settings

The following settings are found in the NCover.CodeCentral.exe.config, located by default at C:\Program Files\NCover v4 Code Central.

Note: Before modifying the config file, please stop the NCover service.

The default < httpServerPort > works on both and the public IP, unless firewall settings block it.

So, you would only change < httpServerPort > if you want to use something other than 11233; otherwise, Code Central publishes on whatever IP ( belongs to the machine.

Only change < httpScheme > if you want to switch to https.

The < httpAuthority > setting isn't needed in your case (it is used by the NCover Explorer to get back to the NCover service).

If a firewall is blocking the default port, you can open port 11233 in the firewall, or change < httpServerPort > in the Code Central config to a port the firewall allows.

After you've changed the IP address and you can browse/ping Code Central locally with the new settings, you should be able to connect Collector to Code Central using "myserver:11233" and a valid Code Central username/password.

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