NCover Documentation

Data Store Path

The NCoverData folder location can be changed from its default location of "C:\ProgramData":

  • Stop the NCover service ('net stop ncover' from the command line).
  • Edit the NCover.exe.config (located by default in C:\Program Files\NCover 4 [Application Name]).
  • Under the ncover.settings section of the config file, add or edit the dataStorePath element.
  • Specify the new NCoverData path (see example below).

Sample Config File

    <enableRequestCache >true</enableRequestCache>

Note: The path must use a Windows machine name and shared directory. The IP address is not sufficient.

For example: \NGICC-VM4\CodeCentralVM2\NCoverData

  • Save the modified NCover.exe.config and restart the NCover service ('net start ncover' from the command line)

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