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Bug Fixes

  • Fixed typo in NCover.Reporting command-line help
  • Fixed issue in handling output in NCover.Explorer that sometimes caused crashes
  • Resolved crash in registration application.
  • Fixed issue causing a crash on Windows Server 2008 R2 relating to communication between NCover.Console and the profiler.
  • Updated theme handling to restore default themes if theme configuration is completely deleted (can only happen by manually deleting the theme files).
  • Removed a typo in the reporting XSLT
  • Fixed a problem where cyclomatic complexity would sometimes roll up for filtered code.
  • Fixed problem with trend ordering
  • Added exception when a settings file is invalid, rather than just working with the given command line arguments.
  • Fixed a memory leak in coverage calculation.
  • Resolved issue relating to code security checking during CLR JIT.
  • Resolved issue relating to communicating large sets of settings to the profiler.
  • Improved console output handling in NCover.Explorer to be less crash prone when applications end unexpectedly.


  • Changed NCover.Reporting to report minimum coverage threshold errors to standard error instead of standard output.
  • Improved error output during coverage file load in NCover.Reporting to be more descriptive.

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