NCover Documentation

Features and Improvements

  • Significantly reduced NCover memory requirements.
  • Added support for NUnit 2.5.5
  • Added more graceful handling of unexpected trend and coverage file unloads in NCover Explorer.


  • Increased the types of invalid coverage files that the //rif argument can correctly detect.
  • NCover.Console now warns when options not supported by the installed license are used. Previously, it would refuse to execute.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed integration with TestDriven.NET -- when opened by TD.NET, NCover Explorer updates the coverage data automatically, instead of asking to do so.
  • Fixed several conversion bugs that affected people upgrading from NCover 2 to NCover 3.
  • Fixed a threading problem in NCover that showed up in programs that made heavy use of multi-threading.
  • Added missing tooltips on the Project Options page in NCover Explorer.
  • Other misc. fixes.

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