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Release Notes for NCover 2.0.4

For the past two months, the team at Gnoso has continued to work on new NCover features while supporting our existing users. We uncovered and fixed several problems with branch coverage and some insidious bugs during those support requests, and we are now making those fixes generally available in NCover 2.0.4.

NCoverExplorer Fixes

  • NCoverExplorer now correctly keeps track of source documents when merging coverage files. Before, in some circumstances it was replacing the loaded list of documents with the new one.
  • NCoverExplorer now correctly handles coverage files with non-sequential document IDs.
  • Can now copy NCover output from the NCoverExplorer console output screen.
  • NCoverExplorer now prompts for Administrative privileges when run on Vista systems without them.
  • The NCover run dialog in NCoverExplorer now remembers its size and position, even on a milti-monitor setup!
  • The NCover console output screen in NCoverExplorer now permits you to save the output with either a "Copy Text" or "Save As File" command via buttons and a right-click popup menu.

NCover Fixes

  • Fixed several issues in report generation where the FullCoverageReport encountered IndexOutOfRange exceptions.
  • We added NCover version information to the log file.
  • In rare instances, an exception in NCover could cause NCoverExplorer to become unresponsive. That problem has been fixed.
  • Fixed a bug in the coverage percentage bars in the HTML report caused by culture-insensitive strings.
  • NCover now correctly handles spaces in the //a, //ea, //ef, //et, and //em options.
  • NCover now profiles function pointers correctly.
  • Made several improvements to the branch coverage.

Download NCover 2.0.4, and please don't hesitate to contact our support team by submitting a support ticket if you run into any problems.

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