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  1. If this field is populated, it will be used as the pattern of the next new filter created.
  2. Click this button to create a new filter. This button is only enabled if every filter already created has a non-blank pattern.
  3. When a filter is selected, you can use this button to see if the filter will 'filter' the text in field to the left (near #1).
  4. When a filter is selected, this button will remove it.
  5. This field is the pattern of the filter. You can change the pattern simply by editing the text.
  6. Controls whether the filer will include elements it matches (thus excluding items that it doesn't match), or whether it excludes elements it matches.
  7. Determines what type of element the filter is supposed to match. Options are "Assembly", "Class", "Source File", "Method", and "Namespace".
  8. Whether the filter's pattern should be interpreted as a regular expression or as a wildcard when matching elements.
  9. This panel shows all the filters currently applied to the active coverage file.

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