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We continue to listen to our customers' suggestions and we are proud to provide you with our latest release. One of the biggest requests from our customers was the ability to disable highlighting the language keywords (public, sub, int), and v3.0.13 provides you with this option. The option is located under "Manage Options" in the "Other Options" section. Check the "Disable Source Code Syntax Highlighting option" and all new opened files will no longer provide syntax highlighting. Your covered and uncovered code will continue to be highlighted.

Recent security changes to our application require you to download the latest version. All existing versions will expire on February 14, 2009.

BETA Security Removed

  • Inclusion of beta security protocol in release candidate requires removal of v3.0.11 and download and installation of v3.0.13.

Features and Improvements

  • //CCF and //RDF Flags are now supported in the MSBuild and NAnt Tasks.
  • All out of sync files will now highlight the out of sync lines
  • Performance improvements in the source code tab when changing themes.
  • Added the ability to disable keyword syntax highlighting in the code preview.
  • Trends are now normalized and will show as missing data on the graph. This will provide much greater insight over items that have been added, removed or failed.
  • Improved readability of plot points for very large data sets. The intersect points will now scale to size, keeping the points from overlapping.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with out of sync documents. We now highlight the line number that we know is out of sync
  • Multi line symbols no longer report out of sync on empty lines.
  • Warn if missing source code would not provide a way to show the source file if cancel was chosen.
  • Rebase Paths dialog would blow up if you caused a circular replacement (point the replacement path to the same bad file).
  • Fixed issue with nested classes not displaying the correct coverage percentage.
  • Fixed a node state issue for nested classes.


  • Failed builds no longer show up in trend graph.

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