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NCover Verify

The Verify command can be run from the command line to review the execution data within a project to see if it is complete and can be queried.

When exclamation marks in the Execution grid indicate problems, the Verify command is always safe to run at any time.

The verify command also has repair features:

  • Deletes empty executions which have zero captures.
  • Creates missing document tree and class paths if valid document or method nodes exist, but parents are missing.
  • Repair also reaggregates each execution and saves the execution to make sure indexes are correct.

Repair can be used on one execution, or specify --all to check the entire project.

Repair should be used carefully in attempting to remove the exclamation mark from problem executions.

If possible, back-up the NCoverData directory before attempting a repair, as data may be altered during the process.


NCover Verify --project=<project>


  --project     NCover project name.  *REQUIRED*
  --execution   Specify execution by Caption, Build Id, or Date.
  --build-id, --buildid All executions matching Build Id
  --all                  Verify all executions
  --repair               If verify fails, attempt to remove errors.

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