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NCover Archive

The Archive command is used to remove selected executions from the NCover GUI and store them in a compressed format.

The selected executions will be zipped and stored in the "C:\ProgramData\NCoverData" folder, in a new directory called "Archive."


NCover Archive --project=<name> [--execution=<execution match>]


NCover Archive --project="CodeBlaster" --keep-count=11


 --project          NCover project name (REQUIRED).

 --execution        Specify execution by Caption, Build Id, or Date.

 --build-id, --buildid  All executions matching Build Id

 --delete-only          Deletes executions without backup.

 --keep-days[=VALUE]**    Keep <x> number of days of history.

 --keep-count[=VALUE]**   Keep the most recent <x> number of executions.

 --all**                  Archive all executions

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