NCover Documentation

  1. You can change the name of the project here.
  2. This field is the full path and file name of the application that you want coverage on. Typically this is a test runner like NUnit or MSTest.
  3. This field will be the working folder of the application above. If it's left blank, the application above will inherit NCover.Console's working folder.
  4. When checked, the "Working folder" field will become uneditable and NCover Explorer will make sure that it is always the directory of the "Application to Profile" field.
  5. Any command line arguments that you want to send to the Application to profile should go here.
  6. This button will let you choose any number of files to add to the "Application arguments" field.
  7. Select this radio button if you want to cover an ASP.NET application or a service hosted in IIS.
  8. Select this radio button if you want to cover a stand-alone windows service.
  9. Enter the service name of the service you want to cover here.
  10. The coverage data NCover gathers will be written to this file.
  11. If you want NCover to extract trend information along with coverage data, use this field to tell NCover where to store the trend information.

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