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Post-Coverage Filtering


NCover could include or exclude attributes, assemblies, files, methods, and types at runtime by using regular expressions, as specified in the Project Options of the Explorer, or on the NCover Console command line.


The runtime include/exclude functionality of NCover 3 has been integrated into Code Central's Filter Coverage. Pre-coverage filtering is configured on the Pre-coverage filter tab of each project.

Post-coverage filtering is also available for every data view below the Home page and is applied by creating Filter Rules.

  1. Click the to add a new filter.

  2. Create a Name

  3. Add a Description (optional).

Filter Rules

Rules have the following configurable parameters:

Include or Exclude

Type - Module, Namespace, Class, Method, Attribute, Document Path, Branch Coverage, Sequence Point Coverage, Max Complexity Percentage and Max Complexity.

Condition - Matches, Starts With, Ends With, Contains, and Regex.


Once you've defined your filter(s), click the at any level of the data view to apply the rules you created in the steps above.

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