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Exporting Coverage Data

The Export command sends a project's coverage data to a file in JSON or XML format.

The v3xml format is provided for compatibility with NCover 3 coverage files, and can be used by tools like QuickBuild.

However, the v3xml file does not contain the NCover 3 trend data, which is a separate data file.


NCover Export < project name > [-execution < execution name >] [-file < file.nccov >]


ncover export --project="MyProject" --execution="3/12/2012" --file="C:\Users\Support\Desktop\Report\coverage-export" --format=v3xml**


--project   NCover (case-sensitive) project name to export.
--execution Find by caption, build ID, or ending date/time.
--file      The name and path of the output XML coverage file (file will be created with .nccov extension by default).
--format    Export as .JSON or v3xml (NCover 3 compatible).
--include   Include the source documents.
--timeout   Timeout the export after the specified number of seconds.

Default Behavior

--project   Required. If you do not specify a project name parameter, NCover export will return an error.
--execution If you do not specify a match parameter, NCover will export the last completed execution.
--file      If you do not specify a file name, NCover will use the project name and the current execution of the project specified in the project name parameter.
--format    If you do not specify a format, NCover will export as .JSON.
--include   If you do not specify, source documents will not be included.
--timeout   If you do not specify, a timeout will not be enforced.

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