NCover Documentation


    NCover.Console is a command line tool that can be utilized to execute an application, Windows Service, or IIS application
    and gather coverage data from the execution.

  <h3>Basic Usage</h3>
  <p><code>NCover.Console &lt;Program to Cover&gt; [Program Parameters] [NCover Parameters]</code></p>
  <p>All parameters that do not start with // will be passed to the profiled application. So, for example, running
  <code>NCover.Console MyApp.exe /? //log-file MyLog.log</code>
  would run code coverage on the call
  <code>MyApp.exe /?</code>
  while outputting log information to the file MyLog.log in the current directory</p>

    See the <a href="">NCover.Console Flag Summary</a> for an exhaustive reference of the options
    available within NCover.Console.

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