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Build Id

The NCover project Settings tab now offers three options for merging or consolidating coverage by the assigned build Id.

Build Id can be set in the global machine environment using "NCOVER_BUILD_ID", or by using the --build-id parameter in the NCover Run command.

Setting the reserved environment variable for NCover will assign a build Id to executions as they are captured.

When your testing cycle is complete, the Merge command gathers all the completed executions with a matching build Id and creates a single merge.

This command is safe to run consecutively, so that all the executions for a single regression cycle (which may take hours, or even days) can be continually merged.

Example command line merge by build Id:

set NCOVER_BUILD_ID=%date%_%time% // any build id will work

 <<< Run tests and collect coverage >>>

ncover merge --project="my project" --buildId=%NCOVER_BUILD_ID%

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