NCover Documentation

Features and Improvements

  • Memory performance issues have been resolved with large coverage files
  • 400% performance gains on coverage percentage exclusions.
  • Added Exclude Assembly support to the command line //eas
  • Added full support for TestDriven.NET.
  • If you pass a coverage file in as the first argument to NCover Explorer, it will load the file
  • Added option to disable auto reload of coverage file
  • Added inclusion support for types
  • Added inclusion support for attributes
  • Added inclusion support for files

Bug fixes

  • Assembly Include text box now correctly supports choosing and appending items chosen from the dialog
  • Trends load after coverage is run, as long as a trend file is specified
  • After a trend file is loaded, trends for the selected node are displayed
  • Fixed issue when no working folder was set. After coverage run, an exception was thrown.
  • The current tree view element now receives focus when empty space in the treeview is clicked (duplicate v2.1 behavior)
  • Trend graph resizing issues have been resolved.
  • Fixed misc. issues with "Do you want to reload coverage file?" popup
  • Fixed misc. display issues on the "Generate Report" window
  • Fixed misc. issues with the coverage view tool tip sticking around longer than it should
  • Stats Pane Symbol Coverage was bound to Unvisited %
  • Fixed Application Logo, was 16x16.
  • Cursor has been fixed while running coverage. It is no longer 64x64 pixels
  • CoverageExclusionType is no longer in the coverage file. This is a calculated field and should not have been persisted.
  • Binding issues on Project Runtime Exclusions has been fixed
  • Fixed bug with duplicate rebased paths taking down the application if a duplicate existed
  • Fixed bug with the find missing source file dialog if the user chooses a new path that still does not contain the source file
  • Fixed UI design of the Themes design window
  • Fixed misc. synchronization problems with the Themes window
  • Include / Exclude item fields now wrap long input and scroll when they run out of room
  • "Project Name" is now correctly synchronized between coverage files, projects, and run settings
  • FileOpen dialog for adding application argument to the covered application now defaults to the specified "working directory"

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