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Converting Trend Data

Trends can be converted to an NCover coverage file -- which is output as JSON data in a zip file -- with the TrendConvert utility.

Note: Trends contain no document information, so you can't browse the document path as you usual in NC4, but document info isn't available with trend files in NC3, either.

This utility was created to avoid putting SQLite into NCover 4. The trend convert uses SQLite, so we created a 32-bit conversion which requires 32-bit SQLite only, rather than determine which SQLite to load in NCover.

The trend converter is intended for one time use per customer, per project.


C:\Program Files\NCover v4 Desktop\NCover.TrendConvert.exe < trend file name > [-file < file name >]


--trend     The name of the trend file created by NCover v3.x.
--file      The name and path of the output XML coverage file.
--verbose   Show detailed progress messages.
--silent    Turn off progress notification messages.

Default Behavior

--trend     Required. If you do not specify a project name, NCover will return an error.
--file      If you do not specify a file name, NCover will use the name of the existing trend file.

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