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Building a Code Coverage Plan

Most software development organizations don't want to write buggy code. They just don't plan for any other option. Learn how to efficiently involve multiple departments to plan for writing better code one step at a time using code coverage analysis.

Code coverage analysis is uniquely able to demonstrate dramatic improvements in code quality because it touches multiple points of the development lifecycle. While each function or role within the organization uses a similar interface, the resultant data can be interpreted most significantly in light of the objective currently being investigated. Advanced features such as reporting and satisfaction thresholds also demonstrate overlapping flexibility for multiple disciplines to achieve complimentary results using the exact same data.

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The Actual Cost Benefits Of NCover Complete Code Coverage Software

Code coverage products improve error detection in the product development stage by proactively pinpointing areas of code that have not been sufficiently tested or where overly complex code could indicate potential bugs or performance issues. This early detection of potential buggy code significantly reduces the risk of depleting your expectant bottom line through expensive post-shipping bug fixes.

This analysis provides tangible bottom line value and should be considered a primary development tool in creating profitable products. From a proactive risk mitigation position, products like NCover Complete provide a more reliable baseline for anticipated return on investment and in general save you quite a bit of money.

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NCover Complete Extends your Microsoft® Visual Studio Team System

The emergence of team-based development processes for software creation presents an overwhelming advantage to companies looking to enhance the quality of the products that they develop. The most compelling collaborative framework for .NET developers is offered in Microsoft’s Visual Studio Team System.

NCover Complete enhances the collaborative Team System environment by adding a series of code quality components through our code coverage analysis. This analysis provides management the additional transparency into processes to consistently hit deadlines and mitigate the risk of cost overruns.

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