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In the months that lapsed between the release of NCover 1.5.8 and NCover 2.0 we were able to develop some exciting new features.

NCoverExplorer is now part of NCover

NCoverExplorer, the most popular tool for analysis of NCover profiling data is now included in the NCover package. NCoverExplorer is a tool that allows you to browse your coverage data at the source level, highlighting the code that needs more testing. NCoverExplorer can generate a set of summary reports in HTML for sharing your coverage analysis with the rest of the team.

Multiple Project support in NCoverExplorer

NCoverExplorer now preserves project specific settings (such as coverage exclusions, tolerances, and NCover settings) in project profiles, allowing you to quickly switch from profiling one project to another, or to specifically target different areas of the same project. This functionality automatically integrates with the //p project name option for NCover, permitting each program to display under its own project profile.

Branch Coverage

Enterprise Edition Feature

Branch point coverage extracts the execution flow graph from each method and reports how many times the code in each branch segment was executed. There are fewer branch points than sequence points in a program and each branch represents one and only one branching path through your code.

Improved Source View Options in NCoverExplorer

NCoverExplorer's source code pane now includes a vertical navigation sidebar allowing you to quickly and easily see where the uncovered code is and go straight to it. In addition, uncovered code is easier to spot than ever, since NCoverExplorer has improved source code highlighting for all the languages it supports: C#, VB.NET, J#, C++, and Boo.

Detailed HTML Coverage Report

Enterprise Edition Feature

NCover will now produce a comprehensive html report on your codebase, showing coverage statistics and source code by module, namespace, class, method and source file. Data in the report can be sorted on the fly to highlight which sections of code need more tests.

Type, Method, and Source File Exclusion (Regex Pattern)

You can instruct NCover to exclude a set of types (classes), methods, or source files from coverage by specifying a list of regular expression patterns that match the type, method, or source file name.

More NCoverExplorer Exclusion Options

NCover Explorer now supports method and file level exclusions, including updated information about the location and size of the exclusion applied.

Symbol Search Policy

NCover searches for symbol files in order to get the mapping between your source code and the compiled .NET assembly. The symbol search policy tells NCover whether to search any of the following places for symbol information; the Windows registry, a symbol server, the original path, or the reference path.

IIS (ASP.NET) and Windows Service Profiling

Enterprise Edition Feature

NCover provides support for analyzing ASP.NET code running in IIS as well as .NET code running in Windows service applications with the //svc option. Setting up a profiler to capture data from IIS or another Windows service is fiendishly difficult. NCover has now automated this process. By setting a few simple command-line options, you can easily gather code coverage data from your service application.

Detailed Documentation

NCover now comes with detailed documentation. In previous versions, as a community supported tool, NCover had insufficient documentation. With NCover 2.0, there is a wealth of information in the documentation section, making your job easier as a developer.

Windows XP x64/2003 x64/Vista x64 Support

Enterprise Edition Feature

NCover 2.0 Enterprise is fully tested and supported on the 64-bit .NET runtime. Supported 64-bit operating systems include Windows XP SP2, Windows Server 2003 R2 and Windows Vista.

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