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Hey! Did you know you can register NCover through a GUI?

Registering via the interactive GUI

run the following command from a command prompt:


or use the shortcut on your start menu. Start Menu -> NCover -> NCover Registration

Registering from a command line

You can register with a license file if the computer doesn't have a connection to the internet

ncover.registration //license [license file path]

or you can register with an NCover license key

ncover.registration //license [ncover license key]

Unregistering from a command line

You can even unregister NCover from the command line

ncover.registration //deactivate

Exit Codes

0 -- No errors. NCover registered or unregistered successfully.

1 -- The //license argument doesn't appear to be an NCover license file or a license key.

2 -- NCover.Registration was run without administrative permissions.

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