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Features and Improvements

  • Sped up processing of filters. Roughly 2x faster when filtering source files.
  • The window that reports errors now has an email field, in case NCover was not bought by whoever is using it.
  • When the reporting tool doesn't understand its command line, it now displays the command line it was given and its help.
  • Redesigned the source code control. Roughly 1.5x faster.
  • Added support for v2.1 reports back into the reporting tool. Sped up processing 1.5x, and load times (into a browser) roughly 5x for large (10+ meg) files.
  • Fully implemented CC.NET Support.
  • Added 16 new xml/html reports.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an exception that was caused when certain nodes in the tree view were selected.
  • Fixed lockups in the NCover Explorer gui when loading large coverage files (90+ megs).
  • IIS and Services now respond to the "Wait for App Load" (//wal) argument.
  • Excluding documents yielded incorrect coverage stats under some configurations.
  • Closing NCover Explorer w/ the [X] in the upper-right corner could wipe configuration information in some circumstances.
  • Opening a project would ask to save the prior project twice.
  • Exceptions were reported twice.
  • Fixed various exceptions that were caused by relative paths to coverage files, trend files, log files, etc.
  • Fixed an exception (in NCE) that happened when NCover doesn't create a coverage file.
  • "Remove Selected Filter" button was removing all of the filters.
  • Fixed incorrect license violation messages that were triggered by an empty HtmlReportDir.
  • If the "Working Directory" option in NCover Explorer project settings pointed to a directory that did not contain NCover.Console.exe, NCover was unable to run.


  • Dragging and dropping a coverage file into NCover Explorer just opens the file if coverage isn't already loaded.
  • "ShowExcluded" items in report footers was removed.
  • The ServiceTimeout (//st) NCover argument now interprets its parameter as the number of minutes to wait, not the number of seconds.

Known issues

  • Trend support is running in a semi locked down state and it will remove your branch and cyclomatic data when you append a new file. Back up your trend file before using v3.0.9. This will be fixed in v3.0.10.
  • Changing your paths from very large names to very short names or removing settings may damage the file when using the //cs switch. There are cases where the length is not truncated, causing a malformed xml document. This will be fixed in v3.0.10.
  • Opening a project does not load the last known coverage file. This will be fixed in v3.0.10.

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